Scoutify 2 1.1.0

Scoutify 2 1.1.0

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Version: 1.1.0


Latest update: 04.02.2019

1. Not being able to send a Buy List has been corrected.. 2. When sending a Buy List, you will now be prompted for the destination email address. 3. Purchase History now reflects the correct dates and quantities. 4. You can now clear the Purchase and Expiration date fields. 5. When choosing an Expiration Date, the initial date that is displayed will be 120 days in the future (105 + 15).. 6. Corrected an issue that caused an error when entering a Cost/Unit or List Price in the thousands.

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Greetings, Amazon Seller. Scoutify 2 is here to provide even more of the information you need to make informed buying decisions right at your fingertips! Inside you’ll find all the features that made the original Scoutify an indispensable tool but with added features that will make you smile... xem thêm
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