Hybrid Animals 151

Hybrid Animals 151

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Version: 151


Latest update: 27.02.2020

New. - Bug where screen is small should be fixed.. - Added requested animals: Raptor & Cow. - Added Mystery Boxes. Open them via pressing the "Mystery Box" button in "Market".. . Recent. - Creatures drop items when defeated!. - Ability to find coins! This is for the upcoming trading NPC. - 10 New animals ... free on Wednesdays, or get permanently on Market.. - Gold & Titanium Chests spawn in the world. Loot respawns every 24 hours!. - New NPC, the "Vitamin Ape&qu

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Choose 2 animals from a giant list, and the game will use an algorithm to breed them together! Each hybrid has its own unique abilities. There are millions of creatures you can make!Once you've created your hybrid creature, explore a vast randomly generated world. Battle or become friends with... xem thêm
Hybrid Animals