Be The Boss 1.1.4

Be The Boss 1.1.4

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Version: 1.1.4


Latest update: 09.08.2019

[New Function]. 1.Add ability Aura for some special employees. 2.Add video ads in game, bosses can get a limited number of diamond rewards by watching video ads per day. . [Adjustment and Optimization]. 1.Chat channel can view other players' company info by clicking on their name. 2.Replace the original scene of the office. 3.Modify part of the props icon

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"Be The Boss" is a 2D simulation business mobile game, you can experience an entrepreneur starting from nothing in first perspective. There will be many opportunities and temptations in the entrepreneurial process, and will also have many saviors and villains. Do you want to be a famous en... xem thêm
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